Principal's Message

The vision of Santhigiri Vidyabhavan is to nurture a new generation that is excellent in all walk of life, adhering to humanitarian values and utmost devotion to one’s duties and responsibilities.

Our mission is to facilitate to holistic development of children by providing a safe & welcoming learning environment. High student achievement and continuous improvement is ensured with excellence in life skills, humanitarian values, merit in education and commitment to society.

Whatever knowledge we impart will be incomplete without values. Hence in Santhigiri Vidyabhavan, we not only educate the students, but also mould them as leaders, by the synthesis of moral values and scientific achievements. The school environment with its unmatched serenity, solemnity and sacredness offers a value system that can contribute to the welfare of society and advancement of the humanity. It is our obligation to provide a serene and comfortable learning environment where value of peace, harmony and tolerance are imbibed in every walk of life.

The basic ideology of spirituality beyond religion envisaged by the founder Guru NAVAJYOTHISREE KARUNAKARA GURU distills in the children and enable them to cope with our diverse multi-cultural, multi – religious and multi –lingual society and inculcate the spirit of living together constructively.

We always strive to create a motivating, supportive yet self-disciplined learning environment that reflects the words of our founder Guru.

“Be an emperor in dignity and servant in humility”

The schooling instills the skill of critical thinking so that the students are able to understand, evaluate and respond positively to all situations and all the very words of Guru.

“It is better to make your children adept at their duties than amassing wealth for them” guides us to mould a generation that can excel at a chosen career, and can imbibe the right human values and has his/ her heart at the right place, through a contemporary Gurukula System.